What data?

The project will study what parameters are worth measuring to measure and how to measure them.

1.The continuous measurements of sewerage network e.g.

  • temperature
  • turbidity
  • electrical conductivity
  • electricity consumption
  • sample measurements of stable isotopes of water

2. External sources

  • rain radar data
  • surface water level measurements
  • groundwater level measurements, and other possible sources.

How to manage the data

  • In the development of information management the aim is to make recommendations for interfaces and solutions to improve overall interoperability
  • To clarify the data management and storage issues related to the deployment of cloud services


In the areas where separate flow measurement is not available there is still a need to know the flow of sewers.

This project will create a virtual sensor to estimate the drainage flow utilizing measurement data from sewer pumping stations as well as separate wastewater flow collected by level sensors installed in the sewer network level measurement data.